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So, who am I and what do I do?

So I figured this day would come.  One day I'd break the "coming soon... one day..." thing and actually post content.  So now I have, and now I suppose I should explain what this is and why this is. I've wanted to do a blog for ages, but could never pin down just exactly how I would do that.  I coded my own social media site with a blog at one point and I thought that would be pretty cool, except anyone who wanted to post to it would have to sign up for an account on my site.  No fun in that.  We probably all have too many social media accounts as-is.  It was a fun exercise in learning what makes social media pages tick, but ultimately it didn't really serve a purpose.  So I decided to use an existing service. But now, what content?    I had kicked around the idea of doing a card collecting blog, and that may still happen (with some help), but this isn't that.  Travels?  A little of that.  Game musings?  Sure.  Mostly,  I feel I have a lot to offer th

Test Post 1

Testing this to see what the final layout might look like. It's an old-timey picture from the 1901 Milwaukee Brewers! 5 Commanders I really like.... Mayael the Anima Muldrotha, the Gravetide Magic Monkey, the Magic Monkey Urza The Pimp-Funk Master Stangg Thanks for visiting! Visit!